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Sunday Wild Child - Ethel Cook-Wilson

Ms. Boggs narration is wonderful, her character voices are a delight from the tough hateful men to the lady who gives all, to the ones that try to take what do not belong to them. The narrator really puts a lot of emotion into this audio you can hear the desperation, anger, hope, fear, the little joy and happiness they have in her tones as she takes them through the years and all they learn. As she takes you on the journey the author writes, her voices keep you spellbound taking you back in time when things were different, and people got away with more in how the deal with each other. Her voices show true emotions that really pull you in. Ms. Boggs did an outstanding performance that I had trouble putting down. . Her male voices were just as compelling as her females. Page By Page / Cynthia Keagy



Cobwebs - Mary Coley

The suspenseful story uncovers secrets so deep that the FBI was created to uncover them! I read the book before listening to the audible version, and I was quite pleased with the way Reagan Boggs breathed life into the characters. Her calm, light southern drawl reminded me of my cousins in rural Oklahoma. Audible Listener



A Slave of the Shadows - Naomi Finley

The narrator was amazing. She used so much emotion and did all the different voices so well. I think I'll be disappointed listening to books in the future after listening to her.- Audible Listener

Through the Brown Mountain Lights - CC Tillery

Reagan did a wonderful job narrating! Her soft spoken Southern accent was perfect for the Brown Mountains. She did several different characters from an old slave man to a compassionate slave owners son, then a sweet old Indian woman to a young grumpy Constable. The main characters were four young women and their voices were different enough to make conversations easy to figure out who was talking! She even hummed a few notes! Truly a superb performance! Audible Listener



The Appearance of Truth - Rosemary J. Kind

Reagan Boggs did a marvelous job with the voices in the Audible version. So many different characters, but each one discernible from the other. At one point, she brought tears to my eyes. Audible Listener



Mail Order Vixen - Barbara Goss

Reagan Boggs is the perfect voice for the narration of these stories and she has helped compliment the written words and bring them to life. Audible Listener


Mail Order Ruse - Barbara Goss

Reagan Boggs was a good match. She was also able to do the male characters very well. It can be hard for a narrator to do both. Audible Listener


Mail Order Calamity - Barbara Goss

Reagan Boggs once again helps bring this story to life with her amazing voice. I found myself engrossed, amused, saddened and hopeful at various times and I wouldn't have it any other way. Audible Listener

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