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There was a time when the term “commercial country music” didn’t make serious music fans cringe. It was a time when country songs told stories that had some depth and individuality. It was working class, but it wasn’t stupid. Reagan Boggs is exactly what modern country radio is missing.

Wayne Bledsoe

Knoxville News Sentinal

Wow. Reagan has gone from one with promise to one who delivers. Haunting, evocative story-telling, gorgeously presented. This is someone who has something to say and says it well. I look forward to further listening. Congrats.

Slaid Cleaves

Reagan Boggs is what one might call a "throwback artist." Her music definitely sounds like what you might have heard on country radio in the 1970s and 1980s, bringing to mind such legendary ladies as Emmylou Harris or Jessi Colter. It's a sound that definitely shows up in her latest album, Quicksand.

Chuck Dauphin

Reagan Boggs’s style comes from the same wellspring of heartfelt emotion, bittersweet reflection and bleak back porch desire that birthed great singers like Loretta Lynn, KittyWells, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris. Her voice is filtered through a mix of hard wrought emotion and soothing sensitivity, the kind that breeds great balladry and stirs the senses simultaneously.

Lee Zimmerman

No Depression

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